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Hybridization in Evolution

Hybridization is the interbreeding between two different species that results in novel offspring. Hybridization, though rare, is a powerful driver of evolution.

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Integral Model of Biological Evolution

Since the Modern Synthesis, many new discoveries have added to our understanding of how evolution works.   We now have a more comprehensive and integrated model of biological  of evolution that incorporates...

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What Genes Make Us Human?

Thanks to the growing field of genomics, we can now learn what genes make us truly human. The duplication of DUF1220, which is expressed in brain cells, may give humans our uniquely large brains.

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I cannot tell you how happy I was to run across your "Epic of Evolution" website. The materials, resources, and links are just fantastic. Thank you so much for having the site and keeping it running.   ~ Tom Collins, High School Teacher

Flourish in the Future

23 by 23.

By the year 2023, 23% of the world's population will be flourishing as they celebrate their place in the Epic of Evolution