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Celebrate the Epic of Evolution

I love to celebrate the Epic of Evolution! This evidence-based story of creation shows the power of cooperation and the power of information sharing and the flourishing of the most harmonious. The Epic of Evolution offers me a profound sense of hope, even in my darkest moments. The Epic of Evolution, and its story of progress from light to atoms to stars to life to humanity, inspires me and I would love to share this story with you.

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Songs for Eclipse 2017

Like so many, I am deeply inspired by the glory of nature and the Power that creates it. I am also amazed by humans' astonishing ability to peer into the unseen aspects of nature and to predict events such as an eclipse. The best way to express this sense of awe and wonder is through song.

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Evolution of Evolutionary Theory

Evolution is a fact. Our models for understanding how evolution happens are called theories. Just as life evolves, so too do theories evolve. Here are three theories of evolution.

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Explore the Past

Celebrate the Present

I cannot tell you how happy I was to run across your "Epic of Evolution" website. The materials, resources, and links are just fantastic. Thank you so much for having the site and keeping it running.   ~ Tom Collins, High School Teacher

Flourish in the Future

23 by 23.

By the year 2023, 23% of the world's population will be flourishing as they celebrate their place in the Epic of Evolution