About This Site


The purpose of this site is to help people understand how we got here so that we might be inspired to guide our future evolution in a sustainable, joyful and life-promoting way.  This site contains resources for students, educators and curious people of all ages to learn about and celebrate the Epic of Evolution.


To help people understand this integral story of the universe, this site contains educational resources for teaching the science, history and philosophy of the Epic of Evolution in an integrated way involving multiple disciplines including  physics, geology, biology, and paleontology.  Because much of people’s confusion about evolution stems from lack of information on biology, this site features materials about evolutionary biology, emphasizing the role of DNA in evolution.

This site contains tested, hands-on activities that effectively teach important concepts about the science of evolution.  This site also has annotated guides to books, videos and web sites about the Epic of Evolution.


This site also provides a clearinghouse of links to sites engaged in dialog between evolution and religion.


Learning about this stuff is fun.  Beyond teaching the facts of evolution, a goal of this web site is to help people find their place in the evolving cosmos.  By understanding evolution, people can create and enjoy more understanding, prosperity and compassion in their lives.

Both religious and secular people have been influenced by some of the destructive philosophies promoted in the name of evolution, such as “eugenics”, “survival of the most ruthless”, belief that “life is merely random and meaningless”, and “descent from slime gives license to behave like slime.”  These ideas do not accurately depict reality and lead to various forms of existential angst, which in turn leaves people vulnerable to helplessness, depression and anxiety. In contrast to these ideas, the information in this web site draws from the new science of genomics, which gives us a comprehensive view of evolution. In the light of genomics, evolution gives us many reasons to celebrate and it provides a more accurate view of reality so that we may live more in harmony with this reality.

Cathy pointing to iridium layer deposited 65 million years ago.  This iridium was from an asteroid that smashed into planet Earth, killing off the dinosaurs. So why is Cathy smiling? Because she knows that, thanks to human imagination, what killed the dinosaurs will not kill us.   She is hopeful that similar human resourcefulness can also help solve global climate change, prevent species extinction and usher in a sustainable and joy-filled world.



This web site is for everyone who is curious about where they came from and where they may be going. The Epic of Evolution is a creation story for people of all philosophies and religions. It is everybody’s story. This Epic is for those who claim faith in a higher power as well as for those who do not and for those who are not sure. This web site is for everyone who wants to learn about the grand story of evolution from the Big Bang to the evolution of life to the evolution of our culture to the evolution of consciousness.

The Epic of Evolution web site is for teachers who want excellent, hands-on resources for teaching the science of the Epic of Evolution.


In the future, this site will be a community site for everyone interested in adding to the conversation about the Epic of Evolution.  As it matures, this site will feature fun and engaging web-based games that teach the basic concepts of evolution.


Cathy McGowan Russell is the weaver of this web and a teacher of the Epic of Evolution. She earned her Ph.D. with a dissertation on the role of gene transfer in evolution. She is passionate about promoting the Epic of Evolution because she believes that understanding this story leads to personal and planetary well being. Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest, states one of her sentiments so succinctly: “We cannot save our planet unless humankind undergoes a widespread spiritual and religious awakening.” At the heart of this awakening is the realization of a meaningful evolutionary worldview.  The evidence supporting an evolutionary worldview tells me that each of us may contribute to a flourishing future.  My contribution is to inspire a hopeful vision for thriving in the future and in taking steps to make that vision a reality. For me, knowledge about the past give clues to how we might celebrate the present and flourish in the future.   (more about Cathy )