Celebrate the Epic of Evolution

I love to celebrate the Epic of Evolution! This evidence-based story of creation shows us about the flourishing of the most harmonious, the power of cooperation and the power of information sharing.   The Epic of Evolution offers me a profound sense of hope, even in my darkest moments. In this grand narrative, I find guidance.  The Epic of Evolution, and its story of progress from light to atoms to stars to life to humanity, inspires me and I would love to share this story with you.

Nothing makes sense, except in the light of evolution.

Thanks to scientific breakthroughs in genomics, information science, physics, statistics, and brain science  we know that the universe is moving toward greater complexity, cooperation and consciousness.  This directionality, or Evolution’s Arrow, gives us a map of evolution that helps us navigate our lives.  Furthermore, we have a clearer understanding of how evolution happens, and by applying these principles to our lives, we can flourish in the future!

“The future belongs to those who have learned from the past.” ~ Ru Paul

These are just some of the reasons to celebrate!

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