Epic of Evolution  

“We don’t believe we are going to reverse the environmental crisis by simply passing laws. We have to change the human understanding of its place and purpose in creation.Unless you have that fundamental change in values, many of us believe environmental degradation will be irreversible.”
~ Paul Gorman, founder, National Religious Partnership on the Environment.


Earth Day

Earth day is the day when people around the world celebrate the benefits and blessings of the Earth. Begun in 1970, this day has blossomed into the world's largest secular holiday. As more and more people realize that care for the Earth is a moral as well as a practical imperative, Earth Day is increasingly becoming a religious day of observance.

Humanity's burgeoning awareness of our interdependence with our environment is an emergent event in the Epic of Evolution. Never before in the history of this planet has a species had the awareness of their impact on the globe.

  • EarthDay


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