Epic of Evolution  

What parents say about Exploring Evolution:

"Absolutely loved it!! Way exceeded expectations."

 “Lots of new information - good teacher, great experiments.”

"The best camp all summer."

"It was fun and cool."

"He loved it."


Exploring Evolution

through University of Colorado's Science Discovery.

Students spend a week at camp discovering the many ways that scientists learn about the Epic of Evolution, from the Big Bang to now. Because of the importance of DNA in understanding biological evolution, students spend lots of time on studying DNA, how this molecule stores information and its role in evolution.

Cathy Russell, (adult at right in back), teaching assistant Emily, with students showing off the DNA models that they have made.

Hands-On Activities

We explore evolution with many hands-on activies that help students understand deep time, paleontology, geology, biology, anthropology, and astrobiology.

Students examined fossil skulls, extracted DNA, dug for fossils, reconstructed skeletons to learn about evolution.

Student loads DNA into gel electrophoresis chamber.

Student measures the diameter of a skull.

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