Evolutionary optimism

“We’ve all heard about fossils and fruit flies, Darwin and Dawkins. But what if our current scientific understanding of evolution was just the tip of the iceberg? What if there’s a way to see evolution that could transform not just your understanding of the physical world, but also your most fundamental sense of self-identity? That could give you a rational, intellectually informed sense of optimism for the future? That could even provide a new source of spiritual insight and inspiration?

That’s what you’ll discover in EVOLUTIONARIES: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea, the book by former EnlightenNext magazine Executive Editor Carter Phipps.

In EVOLUTIONARIES, you’ll learn about:

  • The three core characteristics of an Evolutionary.
  • What it means to break the “spell of solidity” and begin to see with evolutionary eyes.
  • How scientists are discovering that cooperation drives evolution—all the way from quarks to quadrupeds to us.
  • The extraordinary relationship between technology, evolution, and the increasing speed of change.
  • How evolutionary dynamics are at play in the “internal universe” of consciousness and culture.
  • How worldviews evolve and what they reveal about the social and political tensions of our globalizing planet.
  • The transformative truths at the heart of the new “evolutionary spirituality.”