Epic of Evolution  

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."

 ~ Chinese Proverb


Games and Activities

Planned for the future:

Eventually, this site will contain the following additional engaging, interactive lessons, tutorials, and activities that can be used on the web, in the classroom, at home, or while out exploring nature.

  • Tree of Life - We are all related through our rRNA
  • Natural Selection - You control the forces of Nature in this simulation
  • Survival of the Cooperative - see how cooperation is a powerful force in natural selection
  • Emerge 'N See - See how order emerges out of chaos
  • Fractal Fun - apparent complexity in our world is often merely many repetions of simple equations with minor modifications.
  • DNA Sequencer - See how gene sequences tell us about the relationship of all beings
  • Web-of-Life - Learn how interdependence in life evolved
  • Fossil Finder - line up rock strata to date fossils
  • Nitrogen Cycle -
  • Toward Complexity - Observe how complexity emerges over time
  • Puzzles


  • Rose Colored Glasses - How we see the world affects how we live in it. Try on different glasses to see the world in a new light!

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