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Natural Genetic Engineering

Natural Genetic Engineering “can be compared to erector sets, LEGOs,...

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Evolution of Evolutionary Theory

Evolution is a fact. Our models for understanding how evolution happens are called theories. Just as life evolves, so too do theories evolve. With evidence from genetics, Darwin's Theory became the Modern Synthesis. Now, with DNA sequence data, the theory of evolution has expanded again to give us the most complete picture for understanding how life on Earth came to be.

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Evolution in Paradise

While vacationing in the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, I realized that it was no coincidence that both Darwin and Wallace, pioneers of the theory of evolution by natural selection, had traveled extensively in the lush and biodiverse tropics. See slide show of biodiverse tropics.

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Celebrate the Present

I cannot tell you how happy I was to run across your "Epic of Evolution" website. The materials, resources, and links are just fantastic. Thank you so much for having the site and keeping it running.   ~ Tom Collins, High School Teacher

Flourish in the Future

23 by 23.

By the year 2023, 23% of the world's population will be flourishing as they celebrate their place in the Epic of Evolution