A goal of this web site is to help you feel at home in this evolving universe.  By understanding your place in the evolving cosmos, you can know your purpose and can create more joy and  prosperity your life and for others and the whole.


For many people, the Epic of Evolution causes fear. Because we know that dinosaurs and most species that have ever lived are now extinct, we fear that we humans may also go extinct. Because of nuclear weapons, we have the capacity to destroy all human and most mammalian life.Infectious diseases can wipe out entire species.  Furthermore,  we know that planet Earth has not always had a climate suitable to sentient life.   From experiments in test tubes, we know that overgrowth of a population will kill the entire population.

Another big challenges in celebrating evolution is overcoming destructive philosophies promoted in the name of evolution.  For over 150 years, people have been overly influenced by the negative interpretations of evolution, such as “eugenics”, “survival of the most ruthless,” the belief that “life is merely random and meaningless”, and “descent from slime gives license to behave like slime.”  These ideas fail to offer an comprehensive or accurate view of evolution.  These limited and inaccurate portrayals of evolution offer little to celebrate.   In fact, these limited understandings lead to various forms of existential angst, which in turn leaves people vulnerable to helplessness, depression and anxiety.

Given all these challenges, it seems that we should just make the best of today, because there is no hope for the future.

Celebrate Evolution

With all this fear around our new creation story,  how is it possible to celebrate this moment?   Maybe what we have learned is not the whole story. The information in this web site draws from the the most up to date evidence, which gives us a richer, more nuanced and more comprehensive view of evolution. Many recent discoveries offer a more accurate view of reality so that we may live more in harmony with this reality.  And this is reason to celebrate!

“The more you know, the better you do.”

The Epic of Evolution is like a map that helps us navigate the future, avoiding pitfalls.  Pain is not the same as injury.

Celebrate the Friendly Universe

“The arc of the Universe is long and it bends toward justice.”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King

Because of human’s inherent tendency to focus on threats, we focus on the unfriendliness of the universe .  But is this the whole story?  Find out more.

Celebrating Creativity

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Celebrating Dialog


Celebrating science and religion

“Religion shows the way to go to heaven and
science shows the way the heavens go.”
~ Gallileo

If you listen to the “news” you might believe that all religions are at odds with science.  Like other “fake news” this is not a reflection of reality.   The reality is that religions, like everything else in the universe, are evolving, and more and more religious people are embracing and celebrating the Epic of Evolution.  Science and religion are two complementary projects helping people become the fullest expressions of themselves. To paraphrase Galileo, 

To help you make sense of the relationship between science and religion, this site provides a clearinghouse of links to sites that foster dialog between evolution and religion.  Furthermore, the evolutionary world view is so important to many people, that they are exploring and discussing spirituality in the light of evolution.

“The goal of the Epic of Evolution is to
“inspire grateful service to the enduring promise of life on the planet.”
~ Loyal Rue

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that
a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.”
~ William James

“We are the Earth become conscious.”
~ Julian Huxley