Epic of Evolution  

"Science and religion are the two most powerful forces of society. Together they can save the Creation."
~ E. O. Wilson

"Less and less do I see any difference between research and adoration."
~ paleontologist and theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"Science and religion look at the same reality through different windows."
~ Freeman Dyson

"I find the epic of evolution, from the "Hot Big Bang" to Homo sapiens, an illumination of how the Creator God is and has been creating."
~ Arthur Peacocke, Biochemist and Priest

".. if you have found something shared by most or even all humans, you have probably found something of profound significance."
~ Ken Wilber


Evolution and Religion

One of the purposes of religion is to orient people to the cosmos in a meaningful way. Since the publication of Darwin's "Origin of Species" many people have felt disoriented because evolution seemed to contradict what people had known, which, for many people, was contained in the Bible. For a growing number of others, however, the science of evolution not only confirms the poetic story sequence of Creation outlined in Genesis, but it enriches their faith by reorienting them to a grander vision of the unfolding universe.

The Epic of Evolution, although not a religion, does help to reorient people to the cosmos. This Epic tells the story of the universe from the perspective of science, yet also with the understanding from religion and philosophy. For many people, the Epic of Evolution may help them find their way back to their faith, but also to give people greater understanding and appreciation of other religions and philosophies.

What is the biggest barrier to people accepting evolution?  It’s not lack of evidence. The research of thousands of scientists produces ever more compelling evidence for evolution by natural selection every year. Yet despite the overwhelming evidence, evolution is still doubted by many in the public and still not taught in many schools.  According to Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, who has studied this problem for many years, the central problem "is that people confuse evolution with atheism. They believe that they have to choose between evolution and God, between science and religion.” 

Because the culture in which I live is primarily Christian, I write primarily from this perspective and have many links to Christian web sites. Yet just as an evolutionary world view can enrich Christianity, it can enrich all religions and philosophies and can be the basis for mutual understanding.

Many people consider themselves spiritual but not religious. This site is for them as well. Many spiritual people have embraced evolution. Links to their web sites are included here as well.


Evolution and Christianity

More and more theologians, scientists and others find that evolution and Christianity are mutually enriching world views. Following are links that explore evolution and Christianity:

Evolution and Judaism

Evolution and Buddhism

Evolution and Spirituality

Religious Naturalism

  • Religious Naturalism.org
  • Religious Naturalism Wikipedia
  • PaGaian - "PaGaian Cosmology brings together a religious practice of seasonal ritual based in a contemporary scientific sense of the cosmos and female imagery for the Sacred." This work is influenced by Thomas Berry and others in The Great Story.

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