The Epic of Evolution
is the 14 billion year story
of our universe and your life in it.

Evolution’s Arc

Does the universe have a direction?
Can the past help us predict our future?

Seven Stages

What are the major stages
in the evolution of the cosmos?

How did we get here?

Where are we going?
What is my purpose?
How do I find the answers?

Universal Creation Story

The Epic of Evolution tells the story of our universe, of life on planet Earth and of our human journey. This story shows how you belong and provides important clues as to where we are going.

Awe and Wonder

If you are not celebrating in Awe and Wonder for the magnificence of existence, then you are not paying attention.

Resources for Teaching

This site provides resources to learn about the Epic of Evolution. It contains classroom-tested, hands-on activities for for teaching the Epic of Evolution and reviews of books, videos, and teaching aids.

Evolution of Life

DNA is at the heart of biological evolution.
Since life began over 3. 5 billion years ago,
the same DNA has been shared by all life forms,
including our earliest, single-celled ancestors.

Tree of Life

By comparing DNA,
scientists have revealed
a Tree of Life that illuminates
how all creatures alive today
have evolved and share a common ancestor.

Explore the Past

Celebrate the Present

Flourish in the Future

Light of Evolution

Everything Makes More Sense
Light of Evolution

Light of Evolution

Welcome to the blog of Cathy McGowan Russell. In the light of evolution, everything makes more sense and life becomes easier, better and more enjoyable. ...
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Victory Over COVID-19

Victory Over COVID-19

The sickness and death caused by COVID-19 are tragic. With all this bad news, it's useful to focus on our past victories so we can implement more of what works. ...
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Celebrate the Epic of Evolution

Celebrate the Epic of Evolution

The Epic of Evolution is the story of the Universe as it progresses from light to atoms to stars to life to humanity. While the trajectory is not steady, the arc trends toward more complexity, cooperation, consciousness and even compassion. The more we celebrate the successes of the past, the more we can replicate them for a flourishing future. ...
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