Following is a brief outline of what this site offers:

Understand Your Past

  • Hands-on activities – Understand the science that reveals the Epic of Evolution.
  • Educational Opportunities – Teachers are now teaching this Epic story in classrooms around the world.
  • Reviews of books, videos, and web links about the Epic of Evolution.
  • A Portal to the diverse storytellers who tell the Epic of Evolution in inspiring ways.
  • And More! This site includes quotationsjokes, and much more related to the Epic of Evolution.

Celebrate Your Present

Thrive in Your Future

  • Calendar of events related to the Epic of Evolution.
  • Evolution Weekend – Hundreds of congregations from around the world will celebrate Evolution Weekend near Charles Darwin’s birthday.
  • Evolution and religion – “Science and religion are the two most powerful forces of society. Together they can save the Creation.” ~ E. O. Wilson