“There’s a force in the universe that underlies all of this beautiful chaos.”

So says Mayim Bialik,  a neurobiologist,  author, parent, and Amy Farrah Fowler in the hugely popular  television show, “Big Bang Theory.”

“Isn’t being religious fundamentally in opposition to everything that being a scientist is about?” she asks the viewer?

In this video, she shares how religion and science combine to give her a richer life.

She offers her definition of God by describing what God is not and what God is:

“The God I believe in is the force in the universe that drives all of the phenomena that we experience as human beings. God is gravity, God is centrifugal force, God is the answer to why everything is the way it is in the natural world.”

“Understanding equations that describe gravity and pressure and force and torque is science.  But having a spiritual connection with that information so much so that it brings you to your knees is what it means to have a relationship with God.”

“It’s amazing that we exist.”

“In my cultural and religious tradition, we have a tremendous sense of gratitude and humility for our place in the natural and scientific world.

“I’m inspired by the notion of a responsibility to a universe that is governed by something bigger than me.”

For more information, check out her website.

An appreciation for the natural world gives Mayim Bialik a sense of purpose and the profound desire to contribute to the betterment of the world community.   One of the ways she expresses this commitment is through her web site,  “GrokNation.”  The mission of this project is to “activate readers into engagement in online conversations that lead to offline action, mobilizing individuals toward changing the world as a community.”