Covid19 Deaths by Age

Who is afflicted with Covid19? In the months since the pandemic began, we have learned much about who is at greater risk of illness and death from Covid19.

Deaths in US by Age as of August 5, 2020

Under 1 year15
1-4 years10
5-14 years20
15-24 years225
25-34 years1,074
35-44 years2,728
45-54 years7,299
55-64 years17,583
65-74 years29,870
75-84 years37,495
85 years and over45,845
All Ages142,164

Data from CDC, August 5, 2020.

Deaths in Colorado due to Covid19.  August 5, 2020.

School Closing and Death Among Children

Many schools remain closed due to concerns about COVID-19. What is the risk to children, to their teachers and to their families? Data from deaths gives us reliable information.

“At this time, it appears that severe illness due to COVID-19 is rare among children.” according to August report of American Academy of Pediatrics.

Arizona has seen the deaths of 11 children between the age of 1-19, according to report of American Academy of Pediatrics.