“A flourishing future belongs to those with a perspective of the past.” 

The goal of the Epic of Evolution is to help you create a flourishing future by helping you understand the deep past.  This site offers various pages to help you to explore the Epic of Evolution:

  • What is the Epic of Evolution?  – An overview of our evidence-based cosmic story from the Big Bang to now.
  • The Seven Stages  – The Epic of Evolution in seven stages. 
  • Evolution’s Arrow – In 1964, Penzias and Wilson showed that the universe has a beginning and a direction. What does this mean for your health, happiness and future wellbeing?
  • Biological Evolution  Because so many people are confused about evolutionary biology, these pages discuss biological evolution and the role of variation in evolution.  This site pays special tribute to Charles Darwin, who showed that evolution requires “profitable” variations as well as natural selection.
    • Spiral of Life – Biological Evolution
    • DNA: Language of Life: Nothing in evolution makes sense except in the light of DNA.
    • Natural Genetic Engineering – Long before humans genetically engineered plants and animals, cells have been using Natural Genetic Engineering to evolve more rapidly.
    • Evolution of Evolutionary Theory –  Evolutionary theory dramatically changed when Darwin’s original ideas were merged with ideas from genetics to become the Modern Synthesis.  With the advent of genomics, evolutionary theory has evolved yet again, into a more integrated theory.
    •  Tree of Life – We are related to all life on Earth.   The Tree of Life shows our kinship with every other living thing!
  • Hands-on educational activities are designed to help kids from 8 to 108 learn about the Epic of Evolution in fun and engaging ways.  These activities help you and your students gain a basic understanding of relevant concepts in physics, geology, biology, paleontology, and neuroscience.
  • Teachers – Check out some of the great teachers who are helping us learn more about our place and purpose in the evolving universe.
    • Origin Story: A Big History of Everything – David Christian
    • Factfufulness – Hans Rosling
    • Enlightenment Now – Steven Pinker
  • Epic Storytellers – “The Greatest Story Ever Told” requires many perspectives in order to understand it. Here are a few of the best storytellers and their stories: