Duane Elgin’s website, “Awakening Earth” inspires people to envision a sustainable and promising future.  For over 40 years he has been researching, writing, and speaking about our world in transition and how we can positively respond, both individually and collectively.   His hope is that his website contributes to a more promising future.

According to his website, he is  “interested in exploring: 1) the big picture of the human journey, 2) lives of sustainable prosperity and new community, 3) the “new paradigm” emerging from the combined wisdom of science and spirituality, and 4) how the media revolution can support a new level of citizen engagement in choosing our pathway into the future, this site offers a wide range of free videos (from mini-documentaries to half-hour presentations), books (most with an overview, excerpt, table of contents), articles and reports, and more.  These materials cover four core themes that have oriented my work over the decades:

  • Sustainable Ways of Living—Exploring “sustainable prosperity” and simpler, more balanced ways of living.
  • Our World in Transition—Understanding the big picture of humanity’s evolutionary journey.
  • The Living Universe—The integrative paradigm emerging from the combined wisdom of science and spirituality.
  • Mature Media Democracy—Trans-partisan engagement for media accountability and citizen empowerment.