Essential for thriving is the experience of unconditional love.  When people don’t feel this kind of love, they retreat into behaviors that are the opposite of thriving: additions, anger, consumption, fear, contraction.  Most of us were taught that we would feel loved if and when we are thriving in an ideal life.  In fact,  feeling loved is necessary so that you can thrive in an ideal life.  What empowers the imagination is  the experience of unconditional love. This experience of real love opens the imagination to possibilites of a thriving future.

Greg Baer’s work, described in wrtings, video and audio podcasts on his Real Love web page, tells us how we may experience and share unconditional love to thrive with ourselves, our families, with co-workers and with our communities.

“If we don’t have enough Real Love in our lives, the resulting emptiness is unbearable. We then compulsively try to fill our emptiness with whatever feels good in the moment—money, anger, sex, alcohol, drugs, violence, power, and the conditional approval of others. Anything we use as a substitute for Real Love becomes a form of Imitation Love, and although Imitation Love feels good for a moment, it never lasts and never gives us the feeling of genuine happiness that Real Love provides.” ~ Greg Baer, Real