Elemental Birthdays: How to bring Science into Every Party. 

Looking for a fun new way to explore the cosmos?  Scientists Heather and Jon Cleland-Host wrote this book to share their enthusiasm and ideas to help you celebrate birthdays in a fun way while learning about the building blocks of our universe.  Although they wrote this book for children’s birthday parties, they found that adults love new ways to celebrate their birthdays as well.   Teachers can also use this book to inspire students in the classroom.  

Check out their website: http://solstice-and-equinox.com/elementalbirthdays.html

Elemental Birthdays “has transformed our family birthdays from just another party with cake and ice cream to an elemental celebration of life. The elements have provided meaningful themes to the parties or flavored themes chosen by our children. To our delight, we found that the value of Elemental Birthdays went beyond our children. Non-scientist friends and relatives sometimes seek to know what their element is for their coming birthday. Everyone learns the elements in a fun and very memorable way. We hope that Elemental Birthdays brings into the lives of you and your children the appreciation and excitement about science that it has brought into our lives.” ~ Heather and Jon Cleland-Host, in
Elemental Birthdays