Some of the challenges facing the future of humanity can overwhelm people with anxiety and depression, which means that instead of finding solutions to long term challenges. people instead learn to cope with their anxieties.

How to we optimize our minds to solve the many challenges facing humanity’s future evolution on Earth and beyond?

People who are in a state of flourishing have more creativity and are better able to solve challenging problems that confront our world.

According to psychologist and author, Martin Seligman, to flourish is to enjoy the benefits of pleasurable emotion,  engagement in one’s work, supportive relationships, a life of meaning and a sense of accomplishment.

Seligman encourages people to go beyond the treatment of anxiety and depression to promoting various techniques for cultivating happiness.

Seligman proposes that by the year 2051, 51% of world’s population will be flourishing.

With a flourishing mindset, each of us can contribute to humanity’s continuation of our Epic adventure on planet Earth.







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