Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim

Last week, I joined my friend Karen Kudebeh, to see “Journey of the Universe, ” a lavish documentary that explores the Epic of Evolution.  With images of the Great Wall of China,  the  night Earth lit up with billions of light bulbs, and earth moving machines the size of apartment buildings,  the film shows how human imagination is changing Earth.

Produced by Yale historian of religions Mary Evelyn Tucker and her husband John Grim, this documentary premiered on PBS stations nationwide beginning Dec. 3, 2011.

Brian Swimme

Cosmologist Brian Swimme co-wrote and narrated this film.   Brian shows us how human consciousness is now on par with geology and biology as a force that is changing the landscape and atmosphere of planet Earth.

Several years ago, I had tea with Brian, who enthusiastically told me about his project to create a movie that presented the Epic of Evolution in a way that inspires people to thrive. Brian is an example of the power of imagination.  This film once existed only in his imagination, and now it is a reality that draws people together in reverence, awe and a renewed commitment to promote the flourishing of life on Earth.


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