Karen Kudebeh with Time Spirals

Just as every science classroom has a poster of the periodic table, soon every history class will have a set of these Time Spirals.

“Six spiral timelines, illustrating how WE BELONG—to the universe, to Earth, with all life. Timespirals are full of scientific and historic information about Earth’s evolving creation story. Make sense of how we humans fit into 13.7 billion years of cosmic, geologic, biologic and historic evolution. Discover that you’re connected to everything and everyone and that YOU BELONG here!”

Karen Kudebeh has created beautiful Time Spirals that show us how we belong to the Universe.

“Timespirals are now available in a 2 dimensional form! This new format is particularly helpful for hands-on learners. They are packable and portable, ruggedly constructed, and can be easily displayed, flipped through, and shared among several people at once.”

For more information, visit http://www.timetrace.com.