Karen Kudebeh, who presents  “The Story and Science of Belonging”– teams up with Laurelyn Baker, popular Feng Shui pioneer from Boulder, to offer

From the Heart of Creation to Your Vision of Home:

     Exploring PLACE through Western Science and Feng Shui


August 12-18 2013
Location: Ghost Ranch , Abique, New Mexico-http://ghostranch.org/

TIME TRACE: From the Heart of Creation to Your Vision of Home
Experience an expanded sense of Belonging– to this Universe, Earth and all life– through wisdom from western science, native traditions, and feng shui. You will be exposed to the latest findings of cosmology, geology and genetics, and ground these new understandings by participating in activities that bridge the realms of Left brain-Right brain, Native Ceremony-Feng Shui and Vision-Manifestation. We will immerse ourselves in Deep Time to experience the sacred in the land. Through the elegant visual tool of spiral timelines, and the profound teachings of Native Ceremony, we will recognize that “All Our Relations” includes the stars, as well as all rooted, swimming, winged and walking beings. We will create intentions for the future while we’re together, and then use the wisdom tradition of Feng Shui to ground these in our homes and communities.

Contact Ghost Ranch for registration-(877) 804-4678

This 3 hour workshop integrates the seemingly unrelated fields of Big History and Feng Shui into an experience that gives participants a grounded and expanded sense of Belonging — to this Universe, Earth, and to the Front Range of Colorado!  From this sense of belonging, participants learn how to apply the wisdom tradition of Feng Shui to manifest their visions for the future.  Big History gives us a sense of our place in time.  Feng Shui is the art of arranging one’s home or workplace to optimize well-being.   Understanding Big History while applying the principles of Feng Shui can  help you experience greater energy and joy.  


When: Saturday, March 23 from 1-4 pm

Where: Montview Blvd. Presbyterian Church in the Study Group Room

1980 Dahlia St in Denver

RSVP:  303 355 2141

Bring a friend!

For more information, contact Karen at:  303 355 2141.


Karen and Laurelyn will be presenting a week-long version of this course at GHOST RANCH, the Presbyterian Conference Center in Northern New Mexico, in mid-August.